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  • Wednesday 14th July 2021

An Important Update - 19th July 2021

We just wanted to update you on Safari’s plans when the restrictions reduce on July 19th 2021!

Having spoken to lots of customers the overwhelming feeling is that you have really enjoyed booking online, which gives you knowledge there is space with no queues. It also helps us to get the staffing right, which in turn makes it more enjoyable for you.
Here are some of the other great Safari things that are carrying on:

Online booking remains cheaper than on the door prices.

- Play pass holders will be required to still book online to help us staff correctly.

Reduced capacity.  We will increase from our 50% but we will overall keep a reduced capacity as we know how much our customers value staying safe

Session times carry on with lots of time to play and enjoy a family meal together (2.5 hours peak and 3 hours off peak).

Super 6 celebrations for those that don’t want a full birthday party will continue. We have had amazing feedback on these as they are offer an amazing experience for a small group.

Extra sanitisation every day will remain during the day and after you leave.

- Our floor team will keep wearing mask as they may be closer to you when serving food and clearing your table.  We would like to you wear a mask as well when not sitting at a table as helps keep everyone safer.  This will not be compulsory but we will advise it.

- Sinks and hand wash areas will remain in place.

Screens will remain in place at the café and reception to keep you and our team safe.

Ventilation – this is still vital and we will have over double the recommended amount of fresh and filtered air being pumped into our Safari venues.  We invested huge amounts in mechanical ventilation which is very lucky for us all – staff and customers – to enjoy playing and coming to work in a safe a venue as possible.

One things that is changing:

- Our famous themed Safari Birthday parties are back and in our unique hand painted rooms with themed hosts. No other venue offers the same birthday experience for you. You can book online here.

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