Welcome to SafariPlay Milton Keynes

See our amazing themed parties for children

Our Parties

Welcome to SafariPlay Milton Keynes

See our amazing themed parties for children

Our Parties

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Open 7 days a Week, 9.30am - 6.00pm

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Themed Children’s Parties

Does your child love princesses, pirates, superheroes or football?  We even have laser tag in the play frame or build-a-bear during your party.  We have a special party for everyone and booking your party could not be more straightforward.

We have a real-time ONLINE booking system so you can check availability and book at any time of day or night. You also get a free pot of fresh filter coffee or tea serving up to 8 adults if you book online.

If you prefer to book over the phone, call our extremely friendly Safari MK Events team on 01908 565165, option 2 and the office is even open 7 days a week to make it easy for you. 

Food & Drink

Coming out for a nice family meal may not be your first thought at a leisure venue.  However, our Safari MK site won best indoor play food and beverage experience in the whole of the UK and we expect Peterborough to keep improving the standards. So come for the play and stay for the food! 

What our customers say

  • "I love how you always put your customers first, your venue makes my son so happy that he could burst. You really can tell that love is at the centre of everything that you do which is why I will always simply choose YOU!"

    Nicolle (Milton Keynes)
  • "We love this place, my eldest can go off and play and I have no worries about him escaping."

    Zoe (Milton Keynes)
  • "The staff here are always friendly and helpful. Best soft play centre in UK..."

    Ilana (Milton Keynes)
  • "Fantastic experience for both parties and play sessions, staff are always extremely helpful and take the stress out of the parties, the food is great especially the gluten free option."

    Natasha (Milton Keynes)