Buying Safari MK tickets online

Buying Safari MK tickets online

Milton Keynes

Safari MK indoor play and party venue has had a GREAT refurbishment n December 2021 as well as some additions to the already massive range of play equipment.  Remember we have an AWARD WINNING MENU so if you want to have a family meal, this is the venue for your trip out! 

Tickets are cheaper if they are purchased in advance of your visit and will guarantee entry for the date and time booked.* BUY TICKETS ONLINE HERE

Remember we have an AWARD WINNING MENU (click to view!) at our  Watering Hole Cafe- you will be really surprised how good our chefs are!   For the safety of our staff and customers, we do operate a cashless Safari. All major cards are accepted with no minimum spend.

PEAK TWILIGHT OFFER:  Amazing value, up to 32% off normal peak entrance. After 4pm, entry time for up to 2 hours play until close, normally 6.00pm. 

OFF-PEAK OFFER - After school from 3:30pm - up to 27% off off peak tickets so a discount on a discount! Stay until we close, normally 6pm.


Peak Times

Off-Peak Times


Twilight Online Offer (peak from 4pm)

After school (from 3:30pm off peak)

6-11 months* £3.95 £2.50 £3.15 £1.95
Children 1 yrs* £8.95 £7.50 £7.95 £6.95
Children 2–3 yrs* £10.50 £8.50 £8.50 £6.95

Children 4+ yrs*

£12.50 £9.50 £8.50 £6.95

Children 13-17yrs*** 

£4.25 £3.50 £3.25 £2.95

Adults (Aged 18 yrs+)

£4.25 £3.50 £3.25 £2.95

*must be accompanied by an adult      ***accompanying a younger child whilst also accompanied by an adult

Tops Tips On Our Prices

We recommend booking online as there is an additional £1 per person charge for over-the-phone and on-the-door prices.  You also guarantee your space :-) 

All prices include 2.5 hours of play during peak times, and 3.5 hours of play during off-peak times. At the moment, we are unable to allow overstays and if you stay over your allotted time there is an overstay charge. 

Online peak times: normally weekends & school holidays.  Online discounted off-peak times: normally mid-week, term time

There is normally a really good discount at the end of the day.  The Twilight or After School discount where you can play until we close :-) 

BOOK YOUR TICKETS  by clicking here now! 

Check our Opening Hours

We are normally open from 9.30am to 6pm, 7 days a week.  Do check here just in case. Our online booking system is also ALWAYS up to date so you can't go wrong when booking online. 

Terms and Conditions and FAQs and Everything You Need to Know about Safari 

Please click HERE for full terms and our rules of play which are important to read as well as FAQs.

For all the info you ever needed about your visit to Safari CLICK HERE 

Tickets are non-refundable but we are more than happy to move your tickets for you if you contact us more than 3 hours before your booking.

Safari Illness Pay and Play Guarantee

So you know you can book with confidence in the future and know you will not lose your money, click here for full details

Come and play on the Tiger Slide at Safari MK