FAQs - General Play

FAQs - General Play

FAQs - General Play

Can I bring in my own food?
We are in effect a restaurant with lots of space to play and only food and drink bought at our Watering Hole Cafes are permitted to be consumed at Safari Soft Play venues.  Furthermore, for allergy safety issues we need to know what food is eaten on site.  If staff find any food or drink at a venue not bought on site they will ask you to put it back in your car or the bin.  We all want to have a fun day so please don't take a risk. 

What about food for babies?
We understand it is especially hard feeding babies and we allow you to take in food for under 1s at no charge but please be considerate with allergies for other customers. 

My children and I have quite a lot of food allergies, do you have any special menus?
We have proper chefs working at all our venues who have developed allergy menus for children and adults.  See our food and drink pages for details and please JUST ASK on the day as we are always prepared to do special requests if we can. 

Do I have to pay for babies?
There is a small charge for babies from 7 to 11 months.  Costs for nappy waste (counted as clinical waste in a commercial venue), utilities and cleaning have increased by so much that we have to charge a small amount to help cover them. 

Do I have to pay for adults?
There is a small charge per adult or teenager. Adults are only permitted entry if they are accompanying a child and teenagers are only permitted entry if they are accompanying a child whilst also accompanied by an adult.

Playtime is extremely valuable in a child's development both on their own and with adults.  All our equipment is designed for adults to play alongside the children so you can play with them or enjoy your Barista made coffee :-) 

Is there an extra charge to access the imagination role play rooms?
No. Our Base Camp role play rooms are freely accessible from the main play area and there is no extra charge.

Is there an extra charge to use the iWall games room?
No, this is free for all to use (and a lot of fun)

Do you have food/bottle warming facilities for babies?
There is a food and bottle warmer available for customers to use. Please speak to a member of our staff for further information.

What clothing should we take?
Children should wear sensible clothing which enables them to be active and have fun on our play structure. We recommend clothing that covers arms and legs to prevent friction injuries on our slides. All children must wear socks at all times. Socks are available to purchase from our reception for any child that forgets to bring them.

How long can I stay? Is there a time limit?
During peak times (Weekends and School Holidays) we have 2.5 hour play sessions that you can book in for, and during off-peak times (Monday to Friday term time) we have 3 hour play sessions. The time you book in for is the starting time for your session i.e. if you book for 10am, you have until 12:30pm during peak times, or 1pm during off peak times.

Do you have any toddler activities organised?
Monday – Friday mornings in term-time - beginning September 2021 - we will host a variety of activities aimed at toddlers, pre-schoolers and their parents to add to the fun.  Please see our activity timetable or speak to reception for more details. Please follow the links below to a few of our current classes: 

Hartbeeps classes

Jo Jingles Classes

Is your free Wifi any good?
We have business fibre Wifi with a dedicated line for our customers at all our venues so you should get a great speed for email and internet browsing. We ask people to be thoughtful not to stream videos or music as it reduces the speed for everyone.

Are tickets non-refundable?
Unfortunately, our tickets are non-refundable. We are more than happy to move your tickets for you if you contact us more than 48 hours before your booking.

Are there any rules I should be aware of to help with safety?

Play should involve risk as that is how children learn.  However, we have minimised this and comply with all British and European soft play standards that balance risk and safety.  To minimise risk please follow these rules:

  • All shoes will be removed before entering the play area, but socks will be worn at all
  • times.
  • All jewellery and badges must be left with a responsible adult or in a locker.
  • Customers will only be able to enter and exit the centre by staff granting access.
  • Children and adults should wear long sleeves/ trousers whilst playing on the slides to avoid friction burns.
  • All play equipment will be used with care and role-play toys will not be taken into the
  • soft play frame.
  • It is forbidden to climb on any of the netted walls or the eternal play-frame structure.
  • Do not throw any objects such as role play toys at any time.
  • Spectacles should only be worn if used with a retainer or shatterproof lenses

Stay Safe During the Coronavirus Pandemic.

  • Please DO NOT ATTEND your soft play session if you have suspected Coronavirus symptoms. These include a high temperature, a new, continuous cough or a loss or change to your sense of smell or taste.
  • Although facemasks are no longer a legal requirement, we ask that all guests aged 11 and up continue to wear these when moving around the centre.
  • We have amazing ventilation with more than double the required airflow to keep you safe.
  • We have maintained a large number of safety procedures, which you can see here.