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  • Friday 1st April 2022

5 Star Hygiene Rating for Jungle Tots Day Nursery

Great news from Jungle Tots Day Nursery, located in the same building as Safari, also received their 5-star food hygiene rating after their Food Hygiene inspection visit!

Did you know? Most of Jungle Tots Day Nurseries' food is made freshly by the Safari chef and your children are really lucky to have such good chefs making lots of homemade food. Even most of the deserts are homemade making sure no preservatives and so that we know exactly how much of all the ingredients go in to make sure we don't have any additives or extra salt. This is vital to having a healthy diet and a great start in life. If you watch the kids at meal time you can see how much they really enjoy the food as well. 

Fancy taking a look at our menu: Just click here!

Just another thing for us to be proud of our Nursery Manager Rachel and all the Jungle Tots Team for!

Check out our Jungle Tots Day Nursery website for further information by clicking here!

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