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  • Friday 24th September 2021

Children playing has a big impact on their future..............

Play is such an important part of learning for children.   However, did you know it has a big impact on your child's future career?  It is vital that children get as many opportunities to play as possible. 

Commissioned by The Genius of Play and conducted by OnePoll, a recent survey of 2,000 adults in the U.S. with children ages 3–14 revealed an interesting connection between childhood playtime and chosen career paths.

In addition, most employed adults surveyed reported implementing many of the soft skills they learned through play as kids in their daily jobs today. These skills include creativity (56%), teamwork (50%), problem-solving (42%), empathy (41%), and communicating with others (39%). Playtime hobbies aren’t just childhood pastimes to reminisce about either, but interests that many respondents have carried over into adulthood. From drawing to music to writing, science and more, these survey results emphasize that play continues to be a powerful tool at any age.

And whether a child makes the leap from roleplaying as a doctor to becoming one at the end of the day isn’t what matters. What does matter is that they are having fun in the process!

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