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  • Wednesday 17th August 2022

Eating well at Jungle Tots Day Nursery

Jungle Tots Day Nursery is located in the same building as Safari Play Peterborough.

Children attending Jungle Tots Children’s Day Nursery will experience a variety of healthy balanced and nutritious foods. The quality of foods served in our nursery will give them all the energy they need for a busy day of play, learning and development.

We are extremely lucky to have highly qualified chefs at our children’s day nursery in Bretton, Peterborough. Our chefs and day nursery manager will work closely with parents if there is a specific dietary requirement.

Menus are carefully planned and freshly prepared on-site by our chefs.

It is also important for your children to eat well at home. However, we know this is not easy when looking after young children. Therefore, to give you some inspiration we recommend this site. some fun yet healthy menu ideas.

Meals are served family-style at Jungle Tots Children’s Day Nursery so that children can experience the social aspects of mealtimes. This includes setting the table, talking about the foods they are about to eat and the older children clearing away after themselves.

For more information on our Jungle Tots Day Nursery click here. 

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