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  • Tuesday 12th January 2021

Jungle Tots Day Nursery Still Open at Safari Play

Did you know??

After securing our Safari Play venue in Bretton, Peterborough in 2019, the plan was to open the day nursery to in the rear in 2022. However, when space was created for the nursery we totally loved it. We were so excited by the prospect of building a wonderful children's day nursery for the local Bretton and Peterborough community that we just got on and did it! Jungle Tots Day Nursery was then officially born in June 2019.  Slightly biased but we believe between the amazing nursery team and the wonderful space, we have one of the best children's day nurseries in Peterborough. 

Despite Safari Play being closed, our children's day nursery is still open.  There is a separate entrance on the other side of the building. Furthermore, there is access to a great garden which is currently being extended. 

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