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  • Sunday 22nd September 2019

Our work with the Light Project, Peterborough

Safari Adventure Play helps the homeless in Peterborough in a number of ways!

Give jobs to the homeless with help of The Light Project and The Garden House a Christian run homeless charity in Peterborough. Check out their website by clicking here.

  • Helps financially getting people who work with us getting a house
  • Donates money to the Garden House, Staff volunteer hours and time to help the night project and...

Since opening in June we have given 3 people a job and helped one person off the streets and into housing and we love making a difference.

Can YOU help? If you would like to donate money to this amazing charity you can on their justgiving link. It goes directly to them and not via us. www.justgiving.com/lightprojectpeterborough

If any business would like to join this amazing journey then please contact gordon@safariplay.co.uk or Ian peterboroughoperations@safariplay.co.uk and they would be delighted to meet up to discuss how it works and if your company could help people in Peterborough as well.

Update, 22nd September 2019: DID YOU KNOW? Safari Adventure Play supports a local homeless charity in Peterborough including giving jobs and helping with housing. Every time you come to Safari you help this great cause.  We are aiming to get more businesses following our lead.  Here is a link to more information about the Light Project and Garden House, Peterborough. 

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