Laser Tag Birthday Party

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THE best children's birthday party experience you will get

Game on!! Calling all Laser-Tag Troopers!

Can you complete the birthday mission with the help of friends & win yourself a trophy?

Looking for the ultimate party night? Lights down, music up and play laser tag in Safari ALL TO YOURSELF. Also, here are NO suits 😊 .  The brand new technology means you shoot from the phaser and ‘tag’ other phasers.  It is state of the art designed for large indoor play frames like ours.

Your exclusive Drill Sergeant party host will have everyone fired up with excitement. Can you win the laser tag games against your friends in the Safari play-frame maze? Watch out mum and dad love to play this one too!  You & your friends will be talking about this party for weeks ( and years) to come.

Maximum of 24 for this party. if you have more guests, please ask in advance as we can increase upon a special request. If you do have 24+ we will happily adapt and accomodate by incoporating our exciting interactive games newly installed towards the end of 2022, here is a great video to show you how much fun our activities are! Our new Trailblazer CLIMBING WALL suitable for children 5 years old and above! Children are loving our interactive traverse wall as it challenges them! We also have our Freedom Gaming interactive game that children can run around the frame and play against eachother to get the HIGH SCORE! 

For further information on all of our parties please click here to have a look at our party leaflet. 

Laser & Play parties run from 5.30pm to 7.30pm Tuesday to Sunday

  • 2 hours of laser tag birthday party fun, play and feasting
  • EXCLUSIVE use of the WHOLE play frame for the laser tag games.  This is an amazing experience. We only run one laser party a day because of this so it really is exclusive. 
  • Brand NEW high tech technology - no heavy laser tag suits needed
  • The newest best laser tag equipment available - only launched in late 2021. 
  • A banquet of hot and cold food from our award-winning kitchen. Choose from four fun and tasty menus! (See food options below) Unlike most indoor play centres, we have highly qualified chefs in our kitchen so we have the skills to cater for most dietary requirements if we know about them in advance. As food for Laser parties is served near the start of the party, PLEASE do ask all parents and even if you find out earlier that day, please let us know of any dietary requirements so that our amazing chefs have time to prepare.
  • Dedicated laser tag birthday party host dressed up as a Drill Sergeant
  • Themed pre-printed invitations sent to you (no need to print at home)
  • Thank you letters available upon request on the day of your party
  • Reserved party table for parents in the main play area (guaranteed seating for 8)
  • Suitable for ages 5-12 year olds (adults have A LOT of fun joining in too!)
  • Unlimited jugs of squash for the Troopers throughout the birthday party
  • Cake Celebration all organised by your host, to give you a chance to sing Happy Birthday and take those memorable photos (cake not included). 
  • Award ceremony including 3 trophies for laser champions
  • Adults are free of charge with a Laser-Tag party due to the time that the party takes place.  
  • 1 return pass for the birthday child - sent via email within a week of the party taking place. 
  • Minimum of 15 and Maximum of 24 gamers.

Prices From

OFF PEAK PRICES £16.95 per player Tuesday-Thursday, term time only

PEAK PRICES £20.95 per player Friday-Sunday and Tuesday-Thursday during school holidays

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